Welcome to Rockville Elks Lodge 1359

9 North Park Street, Rockville, CT 06066

Lodge Phone - 860-875-8057





Lodge- Second & Fourth Thursdays at 7:00PM with the exception of July and August

               Lodge meets on 2nd Tuesday in November & December.



Monday-Friday 3PM-11PM
Saturday Noon-11PM
Sunday Noon-10PM




OFFICERS 2013 - 2014

Exalted Ruler: James E. McCarthy Jr, PER
Esteemed Leading Knight: David McCarthy
Esteemed Loyal Knight: Denise North
Esteemed Lecturing Knight: Daniel O. North
Secretary: Claire Decker PER
Treasurer: Ann Murray
Esquire: Dan Skiba PSP PDD
Chaplain: Alan Kabrick
Inner Guard:  
5 year Trustee: John Ridzon
4 year Trustee: Michael Martin
3 year Trustee: James Benoit Sr, PER
2 year Trustee: Randy Ramsdell
1 year Trustee: Brian Flemming
House Committee Chairman: Dan Skiba PSP, PDD
Hall Rental Coordinator: Charisse Muriel
Lodge Email Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Rockville Lodge No. 1359 Past Exalted Rulers


















The Rockville Lodge of Elks #1359 performed a Random Act of Kindness at the Lodge on December 12 to mark the anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre by donating many items of new and gently used clothing to several local organizations dedicated to supporting the homeless.  

Pictured are Dick Lusso, Hartford South Park Inn, Chet Morgan, Elks Lodge Americanism Chairman, Pieter Nijssen, Rockville Tri-Town Shelter and James Keune, Rockville Cornerstone Shelter.  Additional items were donated to the Newington CT Veterans Administration Healthcare System.





Pictured in the photo is Randy Ramsdell Chairman of the Trustees, Mark Fontaine member of Rockville Elks, Ann Murray Treasurer of Rockville Elks ,Claire Decker Past Exalted Ruler and Secretary of Rockville Elks,  Michael Pezzetti Jr. and, Anthony Pezzetti back row John F. Drost,  Zachary Webber, John F. Drost (who received his Eagle Scout award at the ceremony) Daniel Couture and Kenny Zheng



Left to right: are Congressman Joe Courtney and Lodge Exalted Ruler Jim McCarthy. 


Also, Left to Right:  Denise North, Lodge Loyal Knight; David McCarthy, Lodge Leading Knight; Congressman Joe Courtney; Michael Martin, Lodge Trustee; Dan North, Lodge Lecturing Knight and Chet Morgan, Lodge Americanism Committee Chairman.


Flag Day Article by Chet Morgan Americanism Chairman


On Sunday, June 9 the Rockville Lodge of Elks #1359 held the annual Flag Day Ritual at the Lodge.  Participating in the ceremony, which is held on a special day each year that’s set aside to honor the flag of our country, review the history of our flag and pay it honor, was Congressman Joe Courtney.  The significant message of the day was that while we respect our flag throughout the year in less formal ways when we display it proudly and properly, and when we place our hand over our heart, or salute, as it passes by us in a parade, today we especially honor not a familiar, beautiful piece of cloth, but a flag that’s a symbol of all the promise and hope that America has held out to us and to the rest of the world.  May she wave forever over the land of the free and the home of the Brave.  Also local Boy Scouts properly retired damaged or tattered U.S. flags in a formal procedure with a moment of silence while the flags were incinerated.----God Bless America



The Rockville Lodge of Elks #1359 recently presented the Vernon Explorers with a gratitude check from the Elks National Foundation.   The donation was given to the explorers at their annual awards banquet.  Pictured is Randy Ramsdell Trustee of Rockville Elks, Exp Capt Cody Fongemie, Lt William Meier III Vernon Police, Claire Decker, PER Chairperson of Elks National Foundation, James J. Benoit Sr. PER of Rockville Elks and Exp Kyle DeCarli. 




Read the article by John Foreman from the NY Social Diary about a photo shoot of our Lodge.









Many Rockville Lodge and visiting members come and go from the Lodge without realizing the history of the building.

It was built as the home of Francis T. Maxwell and his family. Mr. Maxwell commissioned the renowned architect Charles Adams Platt to design the home and its grounds around 1900. Platt exerted a major influence on the development of historically based design styles during the American country house era of the first quarter of the 20th century

Its basic disposition of residence, outbuildings, and gardens recalled the Villa Gamberaia near Florence. From the Pillars at the road, the drive ran straight past the service area and into a walled arrival court by the front door. An axis from this shaded court at the north door ran through the width of the house to the south facade's expansive, sunny terrace, which afforded views across lawns to the valley below. This offered in short distance dramatic changes in experiences: exterior, interior, and exterior. Placed on a longer cross axis, the principle living rooms were aligned with a major garden walk, thus again integrating interior and exterior spaces. With only minor changes in details, an unidentified plan of "Maxwell Court" became the archetypal formal house and garden for the thousands of students who saw it in the principle 20th-century textbook for landscape architecture courses in the United States, Henry Vincent Hubbard and Theodora Kimball's "An Introduction of the Study of Landscape Design."