Welcome to Putnam Elks Lodge 574

64 Edmond Street, Putnam, CT 06260

Lodge Phone - 860-928-3901





Lodge- Second & Fourth Tuesday's at 7:00PM

( Lodge meets 2nd Tuesday in July, August, and December)



Sunday 11AM-9PM
Monday-Thursday 11AM-10PM
Friday-Saturday 11AM-12PM


OFFICERS FOR 2019-2020:

Exalted Ruler: Brinda Miller
Esteemed Leading Knight: Donald Deslauriers
Esteemed Loyal Knight: Bill Poirier
Esteemed Lecturing Knight: Jim Eccelston
Secretary: Diane Robbinson, PER
Treasurer: Jerry Beausoleil
Esquire: Mary Starr
Chaplain: Elizabeth Santerre
Inner Guard: Lisa Deslauriers
Tiler: Vacant
Organist: Donna Jaques
Five Year Trustee: Lee Konicki
Four Year Trustee: "Al" Lafleur, PER
Three Year Trustee: William Salvas
Two Year Trustee: Walter "Nap" Napieriata, PER
One Year Trustee: Rich DiBonaventura
House Committee Chairman: "Tow Truck" Michael Paquin
Facilities Contact: Brad Martel
Lodge Email Contact: exaltedrulers574@yahoo.com






Calendar will be posted as soon as the newsletter is provided to the website.




Members All,

Hello everyone!  Hope everyone is enjoying the last of the summer as Fall is fast approaching us with the mild days and cool nights. It’s a beautiful time of year!  School is back in session, and the school buses are back on the roads!!  That being said, please drive safe everyone and be extra cautious with the children at the bus stops.

Re-cap of AUGUST

End of Summer Party – Hosted by Mary Starr ~ 8-17-2019 ~ 6 - 11 PMAll were invited!  Music by (Earl Russ – 50’s and on), dancing, food and fun!!  This was an enjoyable night!!  Thank you for hosting the party!

NOW Bartenders Night ~ 8-29-2019 ~ (5:30 – 8:30 PM) – What a fantastic turn out this turned out to be, an evening with our Celebrity Bartenders. Lots of money was raised and all for Great cause!!


District Deputy Audit – Sept 3rd I’d like to thank everyone for a fantastic job getting ready for this audit.  House Committee members you were right on top of everything, I’ve got a great House Committee this year!  Trustees thank you for having everything organized and ready to go!  We did great, thank you to each and every one of you and all who helped prepare this lodge for her inspection!  Good Job!

District Deputy Visit – Sept 10th I’d like to thank each and everyone one of you on my suite of officers for an Outstanding job you did during our District Deputy Visit Ritual, Initiation Ritual and the Meeting.  Thank you to Buster and his crew of cooks for preparing our meal, delicious as always! Thank you to the Antlers, Jim and Diane for clearing the Lodge room of all the extra furniture for this visit.  It looked spectacular.   A special thank you to CT President Mike Benini and his suite, Joann Donnell with your suite of officers and all the visitors from surrounding Lodges in CT and MA for attending our District Deputy Visit!

September 20th Bank Nights start up again!  Hoping to get in some more Potluck challenges and etc. this year.  Let’s see what everyone has!!  Challenge is on! Bring your ideas, the sky is the limit!!

September 22nd – GER Grand Exalted Ruler Visit to CT – Sept. 22nd at the Westbrook Lodge #1784 – Lodge Officers and any member was welcomed to go to Westbrook Lodge to meet the Grand Exalter Ruler Robert L Duitsman and First Lady.  Reception from 4 – 5 PM, 5 PM Introductions & Dinner, with Comments from Grand Exalted Ruler after the ceremony.   

Elks Scholarship Award the Elks give out every year!  Please see the flyers in this newsletter in the Lodge, some hanging right up at the bar and around the Members Lounge!     


Elktober Festlook for the flyers at the lodge.  It’s going to be a great time, come on down and join in on the fun.  (Combination of Elktober Fest, Sing-A-Long in the Jolly Cork Lounge, Halloween Costumes and 50th Anniversary of Woodstock)! 

I would like to wish Don & Lisa Deslauriers best wishes and safe travels on their new endeavors in Florida.  You will be missed and have been a great asset to the Elks Lodge #574.  Thank you for all you have done as Officers on my Suite!  Don’t be strangers as you make your trips back and forth to CT, we hope to see you down here at the #574!!

Now it’s time to replace these empty seats, so if there is anyone who or know someone who is interested in becoming an officer of Putnam Lodge #574 please see me or email me Brin0927@gmail.com

Together we can make a difference!!  Bring your ideas, and bring your friends in as new members!  Let’s all volunteer and have a great year!! 


Fraternally yours,

Brinda Miller, Exalted Ruler



LOVE THE PUTNAM ELKS!! Thank you again to the Putnam Elks for their
surprise visit in full regalia to the Good Friday Food Drive this morning.
In 2013, Past Exalted Ruler, Shawn Tessier, proposed that the
Lodge support the Rotary and Lions efforts, and show
solidarity between all the organizations who focus on
improving our community. This year the Lodge members donated
over 100 cans and boxes of food, as well as $439 in cash.
The Putnam Elks Wednesday Night Pitch League donated an
additional $1280 from the players and teams for a total
donation of $1,719. Pictured left to right: Past Exalted
Ruler and 4 year Trustee Shawn Tessier, Treasurer Tamara
Mathis, Past Exalted Ruler and Chaplain Lysa Molnar and
Exalted Ruler Walter Napierata.