Have you updated your Protocol List in CLMS? Do you know how to establish a Protocol List? How does a Protocol List benefit your Lodge?
In your CLMS home screen on the left you will see a box to add a Protocol member, yes, it is that simple. This is where you want to put the various Grand Lodge dignitaries, State Officers, and State Committeeman information for correspondence. This may seem mundane to some but for new secretaries it may help. All the information you may need can be found in the State Directory.
Let’s think about some of those events coming up such as the soon to be District Deputy Visitations to your Lodge. Once you have an established list and have done a sync with CLMS2PC you will be able to do group mailings which will save you time and effort, something most secretaries don’t have much of.
Do you realize that in CLMS2PC this is a fairly simple process to do as a group mailing?
If you haven’t done this before it is easy enough to learn. Once you have PC open go to the sharing screen and put in the appropriate information whether it is letters, queries, or reports and you will be asked to put in a Lodge number. Not sure what Lodge may have what you are looking for? Try 1589 or go to the secretary’s forum at Elks.org and ask who may have something to share, 2509 is another good one to try, Once, you have it downloaded you can copy and edit it to fit your individual Lodge. A good thing to do is to copy the original so once you edit it you can copy it again to make it easier to create your own for future use.
Now when you need to send a group letter you just go to mailings choose the group you are targeting then you are able to print them out. Don’t want the whole group? That’s easy just go to the review and deselect the ones you don’t want.
The first impressions new members get at their initiation is very important so when they realize that a group of dignitaries are there it will usually make the event a little more special.
Remember the District Deputy is visiting your Lodge as a direct emissary of the Grand Exalted Ruler and should be treated and thought of as such.
Please feel free to contact us with questions if help is needed.
Your CT CLMS Coordinators
Frank Hegedus, PSP PDD
Jan Wankowicz, PSP PDD
Peter H. Freiler, PSP PDD