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Let me WIN. But if I cannot win,

let me be BRAVE in the attempt.

- Special Olympics Oath


Special Olympics Committee

Frank DeFazio PER

State Chairman

Carl Gorman PER

Central District

Janet Vergason PER

Coastal District

Cindy Dalterio

East District

Philip Roy

Northwest District


Special Olympics Report

Frank "Cheech" DeFazio, PDD - CEA Special Olympics Chrmn.
The 2017 Holiday Season has opened up with the CEA holding the Special Olympics Volleyball event. Saturday's opening ceremony was soundly declared by our State President, Donna Wallace PDD,  that the competitions were officially open and LET THE GAMES BEGIN.
A great weekend was had by all. There were 38 Volleyball teams (295 players) from 3 states (Connecticut, New York and Rhode Island). We had a good volunteer turn out for Saturday & Sunday with a combined total of 168 (Sat. 89, Sun. 79).
Sunday, the Connecticut Elks Association Officers , gave out the medals and ribbons to all the participants. Every one went home after the week end, participants and volunteers, with a great feeling and looking towards next year. 


Connecticut Elks and Speical Olympics Join Forces

In late April, the Special Olympics of CT came a’knockin’ and the CEA ran to answer the door! The SOCT was in need of a group to take over sponsoring the Soccer Skills event at the State Summer Games and they looked for the help of the Elks. The SOCT also asked if the CEA could integrate the Elks Soccer Shoot program in to the skills event and we readily agreed. So over the weekend of June 9 & 10, The CEA ran the Skills event with great success! We add-in the small goals skills and it complimented the already existing three other skills events The coaches were excited to see another skills event for their athletes. The Athletes enjoyed the new event just as well. Saturday was the day for the trials and on Sunday, the finals were held. 37 athletes earned medals based on accumulated scores over the four skills events. The SOCT was very pleased with our help with just a few months to get ready. The SOCT has already asked the CEA to come back for many years to come and we are committed to be there for Special Olympics. Thank you to all the Volunteers who came to the event.